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Want to be healthy without the consumption of bitter tablets and excruciating injections, sweats and tiring routine check-ups ?

Do you have High Cholesterol, Diabetic, High Blood Pressure, Extreme Stress, Migraine, Asthma, Lung Infection, Kidney Stones, Bronchitis & Cough,Stomach Ulcer/Gastric, Poor Blood Circulation & Low Energy, Fatigue, Joint Pain & Sprains, Chronic Nervous System pain and etc etc etc etc (THE LIST GOES ON!!!)

We have more than enough testimonies from our customers, so why fear?

No chemicals involved!!
No exercising needed!!
No starving, dieting or any other activity that stops you from eating!!!

Worry not! We are a legally operating company based in Malaysia. We have been tested for Food Safety, Quality & Hygiene.
* (Analysis by BP Food Laboratory ( BAG00314/021F )
Accredited by Laboratory Standards of Malaysia.
MS ISO/IEC 17025
Registration with Federation of Malaysia Manufacturer (7907-X)
Manufacturer by White Heron Pharmaceutical Sdn. Bhd.
Source Approved by Ministry of Health (MAL20140803021T)

Our Traditional Herbal Medicine made of Japanese Climbing Fern.
This should be taken for a period of 30 to 90 days as a complete course in order to notice the full benefit.


1. Traditional Herbal Fern Tea (2g x 30 sachet/ per box)

(Attention: 1 month course requires 2 boxes of our Traditional Herbal Fern Tea)

• Type 2 Diabetes – 2 to 3 month complete course with doctor’s medication
• High Blood Pressure – 1 to 3 month complete course
with doctor’s medication ( 10mg to 50 mg)
• Lung Infection – 1 to 3 month complete course
• Asthma – 1 to 3 month complete course
• Cough & Bronchitis – 1 week complete course ( Add with pure honey )
• Migraine – 1 month complete course
• Stomach Ulcers – 1 month complete course
• Urinary infection – 1 month complete course
• Kidney Stone – 1 month complete course
• Relief Stress, Joint pain & relief nervous system – 1 month complete course
• Improves Blood Circulation & Your Energy – 1 month complete course
• Relief pain for female menstrual disorder 3 to 5 days complete course

2. Traditional Herbal Medicine for General Health
(450mg x 60 capsules/ per bottle)

• Type 2 Diabetes – 1 to 3 months to complete course ( with doctor’s medication )
• High Blood Pressure – 1 to 3 months to complete course (with doctor’s medication of 10mg and above prescribed tablets)
• Migraine – 1 month to complete course
• Relief Stress & Joint Pain – 1 month to complete course
• Improves your energy – 1 month to complete course
• Improves Blood Circulation

Inbox us or comment below your questions and we will assist you!

Old Gold Climbing Fern
KrishinaSamy Raman
Founder & Herbalist
No: 25, Jalan PJS 2C/11. Taman Medan
46000. Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Office: +603-77857453
H/Phone: +6012-6662841
Email krish659@yahoo.com

This is a traditional Marutua Herbal and Herbal fern tea.
Should be taken for 30 to 90 days as a complete course

Consuming : Fern tea
2 time a day
I cup after dinner and
1 cup before breakfast
Add boiled water 3 to 5 minutes

Marutua Herbal
2 time a day
1 capsule before lunch and 1 capsule at evening.

Analysis by BP Food Laboratory
Health Certificate No: BAG00314/0213F
Accredited by Laboratory Standards Of Malaysia. MS ISO/IEC17025
Source approved by Ministry of Health MAL 16010005TC

• Type 2 Diabetic – 1 to 3 month complete course ( with doctor medication )
• High Blood Pressure – 1 to 3 month complete course ( with doctor medication 10mg – 50 mg )
• Cholesterol – 3 month complete course
• Migraine – 1 month complete course
• Asthma – 3 month complete course
• Stomach Ulcers – 1 month complete course
• Urinary Infection – 1 month complete course
• Lung Infection – 1 month complete course
• Kidney Stone – 1 month complete course
• Relief Stress – 1 month complete course
• Joint Pain & back pain – 1 month complete course
• Improves Energy – 1 month complete course
• Improves Blood Circulation
• Has been proven to:

U can still continue with the doctor’s medication
until doctor’s say to stop
Forward this message to help others who need help to cure their current problems… thank you.

Looking for Distributors or Marketing and Agents.

Looking forward to hear from you soon

Thank you

KrishinaSamy Raman
Founder & Herbalist
No: 25, Jalan PJS 2C/11. Taman Medan
46000. Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Office: +603-77857453
H/Phone: +6012-6662841
Email krish659@yahoo.com

Where can get the Marutua Herbal Product :
Dr. Ravindran Chandu Nair ( JASA, D.P.S, D. HUM, BCM, PBM, PPS, PPA ) Melaka. Hp: 01110600028, 01110801850
Prof. Dr. Tamil Arasan – Johor Bahru. Hp: 0197080024
Dr. B. Shah – Batu Arang, Kuala Selangor. Hp: 0163489830
Dr. Chelliah – Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Hp: 0163730545
Dr. Mathivanan – Puchong – Office tel: 03 58919004. Hp: 0192117720
Ms. Saro ( Asian Diabetes Care ) Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya – Hp: 0187794010
Ms. Mala – Health Nutrition & Dietician. Pulau Pinang. Hp: 0164341639
Mr. Tamil Vanan – Renown Medical Supplies. Batu Gajah, Ipoh. Hp: 0136550450
Ms. Kavitha – Health Nutrition. Rawang, Hp: 0193134451
Madam. Neelah – Jempol, Negeri Sembilan. Hp: 0196105915, 0162115244
Mr. Suresh – Bandar Sunway. Hp: 0126910469
Mr. Arumugam – Sepang. Hp: 0126318027
Ms. Anbu Malar – Kuala Lumpur. Hp: 0197100342
Mr. Guna – Brickfields. Hp: 0178123376
Mr. Achuthan – Kuala Kubu Bahru. 0175738692

Pamper yourself with a Great massage at the comfort of your home.

Traditional Massage Therapy and Reflexology

Body, Foot Massage, Head, Neck, Back pain and Shoulder.

Reflexology will Focus on one Specific Trigger Point on your body.

Massage Targets entire
Muscle Groups and Relief Tension Through
The Muscles.

For further details and appointment
Kindly contact:

Vaithiyar/ Krishina,
Mrs. Saro
Hp: 012666662841

3 Reviews for Marutua Herbals


2 Reviews

Since I started the Miracle herbal tea last August

5.0/ 5

Dear Mr. Krishnan, Since I started the Miracle herbal tea last August/10, my health condition improved a lot I always had cold, flu and terrible cough and when I started to cough blood out of my throat, I drank the herbal tea and the bleeding stopped after few days I always took medical leave and doctor’s medicine to heal but there was no effect at all and I would be healthy again after few weeks which was frustrating But since I started drink the herbal tea, I seldom have cold or flu and My irregular period seems to heal also Every month my period will come normally, not like before and the menstrual pain is gone too I became energetic and my skin was not as pale as before I would recommend everyone to take this herbal tea because the effect is very fast be seen moreover, No side effects! Thanks for introducing me to this Miracle Herbal Fern Tea! Now I take the herbal tea every 2 days for body maintenance Thank you & sincerely, Nurwalfa Izin Abdul Aziz. Johor – 7/10/2010

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1 Reviews

Paralysis with Blood Pressure and Migraine

5.0/ 5

My mother age 48 yrs, had paralysis for 10 years due to met up car accident in Sarawak Every month my mom goes to hospital for medical check up and doctor give her painkiller for low back and internal bleeding My mom had try taking Chinese herbal medicine but no improvement since until now After 8 years, my mom got Blood Pressure 220/130, Stress and Migraine And put on a medication by his doctor On 30/12/10.I started to take Miracle Herbal Fern Tea & Miracle Massage Oil From Mr. Krishnan, after 2 day my mom body started to function My mom migraine and stress has gone and no more pain My mom had noticed a remarkable difference in my blood pressure reading after taking Miracle Herbal Fern Tea for about a month. I am currently on five different types of medication each day with readings hovering around 220/130. My blood pressure reading dropped suddenly to 128/85 after taking 2 x a day, miracle herbal fern tea for 30 days, which I have not achieved for many years. I feel OK without any side effects.” Thank you, Matthews. Sarawak 15/01/11

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1 Reviews

Dear Krishnan

5.0/ 5

I have had Breast Lump with nipple discharge that occurs internal bleeding, loss of appetite, chest pain and general loss of strength, severe weight loss for 12 weeks I started drinking the Miracle Herbal Tea, in less than 7 days I feel much better than before After 4 days, my internal bleeding stop and I got my energy back to normal condition, thanks to miracle herbal tea I have been drinking 2 times a day, now I look much healthier than before I went for follow-up the past week at General Hospital in Kajang Doctor said after 9 weeks decreased very good and the breast lump recovered perfect, Best regards, Saraswathy. K.L

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